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    Souls (which definintely DO exist)


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    Souls (which definintely DO exist) Empty Souls (which definintely DO exist)

    Post  Rafiki on Tue Jul 26, 2011 3:19 pm

    "After a brief silence, the old man raised his finger toward heaven, and said, 'The infinite does exist. It is there. If the infinite had no me, the me would be its limit; it would not be infinite; in other words it would not be. But it is. Then it has a me. This me of the infinite is God.' "

    -Victor Hugo,
    Les Miserables

    SOOOOOO, I was thinking about this quote, and came to think that God (I use the word God in the Christian sense, because that is how it is used in the quote) is the control, the power, behind infinity. Without God, infinity would be random, uncontrolled, and pointless. There would be no reason for it. God is the identity of the infinite. He is the soul of the infinite. But God is not the infinite himself. Without him, infinity is nothing. And without infinity, God is nothing. But another question-is infinity really infinite? It does not include God. And God is something, therefore if infinity does not include God, infinity is finite. Shocked My mind=blown.

    So, in thinking about it a little more, (I have a lot of time to sit around) I thought that it is the same with each of us, each individual human. I think that our soul is the God of our 'infinty'. Without a soul, we would be nothing; there would be no reason for us to exist, no real force behind us. Therefore, I think that our soul is our identity. It is what gives us life. And yes, I suppose that I am also saying that animals have souls too. Every living thing has a soul. But what sets us apart from other animals, I think, is the ability to recognize that, and be aware of it.

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