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    If your son/daughter had a life expectancy under (#) years, would you send them to school?


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    If your son/daughter had a life expectancy under (#) years, would you send them to school?

    Post  Dracotorix on Mon May 23, 2011 2:49 pm

    Judy, this is the question I told you to remind me to post.

    By "#", I mean a small number, but a number that is old enough to be school aged (8, 9, 10, etc.)

    I don't really have a solid opinion on this yet. Here are the pros and cons I've thought of so far:

    -School will allow them to learn skills they might enjoy, such as reading and painting (and even math for some kids), enriching their life while it lasts.
    -Going to school will make them feel more 'normal'/fit in better, and many kids want to fit in.
    -School will help them make friends (also enriching their life).
    -It will show them that they are really just a "regular kid".
    -Not sending them to school could be perceived as not recognizing their potential-- if you're going to die when you're 10, you still have 10 years to accomplish things and generally be awesome, so don't create the impression that you don't value their intelligence/potential.

    -Most people see school as an annoying thing that you have to do before you can go on to the more fun "real life". If a kid who will die before finishing school, is it fair to take up their entire lifetime with an "annoyance"?
    -School is meant to prepare kids for the rest of life. Why waste your fleeting time preparing for something you will never get to do?
    -Time is limited, so make the most of it and live it up instead of going to school

    Other points:
    -Homeschooled kids get to have fun field trips and they still learn (and make friends too, via activities etc.)
    -Plenty of kids do like school, but plenty don't as well.
    -You can still foster someone's potential without the public school system.
    -Predictions are not always right and someone would live for a totally normal lifespan despite the predicted life expectancy.
    -Maybe other kids will be reluctant to make friends with somebody they know will die young because they don't want to deal with inevitably losing their friend (?) (Judy? You're the psych wizard Razz)

    Thoughts? Other things to add to the pro/con lists? I guess the obvious solution is "Hey kid, want to go to school?" "___". "Ok, ___ it is!" But I like to overanalyze things.

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    Re: If your son/daughter had a life expectancy under (#) years, would you send them to school?

    Post  Saradkad on Thu Feb 02, 2012 9:58 pm

    I would say no school, because school's proposed purpose is getting kids ready for their jobs, but in reality, does it really do much? Beyond the basics - reading, simple math, and other things kids would acctually learn on their own if you didn't make them in school - how much do most people use school in their jobs? If you become a nerousurgeon or a pshycatirst (spelling) that's diffrent. But most people will just use those basic skills, and gain additional on the job experince. I.E. Teenager 1 goes through high school, and while going to college (or not - doesn't matter here) has a job as a fast food person to help pay the bills. Basic english, courtesy, math and instruction following skills needed here. Does it take 13 years of schooling, boredom, excitement, grades, tests, biology classes, and late start Wensdays to get there? No. Point is, school propposed purpose is primarily pointless anyway, so I'd let that child just enjoy themselves.
    That was a lot of rambling. Whoa. I'd better watch out, or I'll turn into Victor Hugo.

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